Name that Ware May 2020

The ware for May 2020 is shown below.

The unreadable marking on the big IC on the right (U26) is: 6417750R, SH-4 F240V, R 0740, BJ14742.

Thanks to Adrian (@adistuder) for sharing this really interesting and well-photographed ware!

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  1. wrm says:

    We have RF, two identical units. Not too high frequency, probably HF, looking at the connector (looks like SO239). Lots of DSP potentially, and an Ethernet port.

    I’m going to take a stab at a point-to-point HF data link with diversity.

    • willmore says:

      Not identical units. One has the front end components populated and 51.1 (MHz SAW filters) and the other has the front end bypassed and 51.2 units.

      They’re heavily isolated from the other board. They go so far as to put them on the other side of a metal plate–see the small feed through holes. They also put some parts of the power supply in cans–inductors one assumes–on the main board and some parts (all SMT) on the daughter boards.

      My guess is that it is a Furuno FA30 “Black box AIS Receiver”

  2. Adam says:

    Quite a chunky unit, dates on the chips put it as being about 10 years old…

    Some I/O and fancy RF…

    Maybe an AIS receiver?

  3. jackw01 says:

    The “IEC 61162” label gives away that it’s some sort of marine equipment. I’d guess it’s a Furuno FA-30 AIS transponder or a very similar model.

  4. lucas says:

    Daisy-chained coax reminds me of a 10MHz reference signal for function generators and such. Odd that one of the sub-boards has unpopulated pads…

    Ethernet + RF. Data acquisition-a-ma-jig?

  5. Adam says:

    I’ve looked a bit more at this and I see ‘IEC61162-1’ as an option for the (probably RJ45) connector on the bottom right, which is a “Digital interfaces for navigational equipment within a ship”

  6. LW says:

    The two almost-identical modules make sense since AIS has two channels that work identically except for the carrier frequency!

  7. Internet Crawler says:

    Its amazing how bugs bunny finds all this crazy boards.

    The board isnt old, probably from 2013 , a memory controller.

    Whats the hardware? Could be anything.

    Bugs, do you expect people to name the hardware without reaching out google :p

  8. Dave says:

    I would guess some sort of Echo Audio device, maybe for RF microphones ?

  9. Dave says:

    …or a Software Defined Radio with FPGA

  10. MrRedBeard says:

    Looks like maybe an SMS appliance that plugs into a network probably offering up an API.

  11. caustik says:

    It looks like a bunch of electronics, produced in either the north or south hemisphere. But it’s been a while since I’ve studied these things.

  12. jeffa says:

    wow…Cyclone 1, SH-4 processor…takes me back to when I first started working (2002ish timeframe). Nicer circuit layout than I’ve ever done (don’t tell my boss).

    yeah, the I agree with the first commenters that the daughtercards are probably some sort of RF circuit (nothing but passives and dual opamps), one of them appears to feed (or be fed) by the FPGA directly (which I can’t make sense of). The other one goes through another filter (bunch of passives and a dual opamp) and then into the analog-in ports of an audio codec, which then gets sent to the FPGA. however, it doesn’t appear to be 2-way since there’s no digital-to-analog conversion on the board (the analog-out ports of the codec are unpopulated). FPGA is connected to the Ethernet controller and the SH-4.

    I’m going to go withi Audio-over-Ethernet transmitter.

  13. PCB Assembly says:

    I want to know what is going in here.

    Hi Bunnie,

    I read your blog but not understand by the title.

    Can you please explain?

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