Name that Ware May 2021

The Ware for May 2021 is shown below:

This ware might be a bit too bespoke for a fair shake at guessing what it is, but based on the previous months’ performances, maybe we’re due for something on the more difficult side. I did rather like the nice patch boards partially visible in the bottom of the photos. These are, once again, contributions from Don Straney.

6 Responses to “Name that Ware May 2021”

  1. Josh M says:

    The text gives it away for the most part; I believe that bodge is just power, and not output, which makes this is just monitoring and not stimulus. I don’t know what I expected for something with that many channels, but “stack of PCBs with mezzanine connectors” is not it. (Also, I hadn’t heard of this company before, but the name is A++, would totally do early designer drugs with the founders in a dome.)

  2. “MAX392 Precision, Quad, SPST Analog Switches” and lots of them, in arrays. So, we’re talking to dozens of dozens of devices, but not with too much power. My first wild guess is flip-dot display control.

  3. Greg says:

    I think it’s the processing/amplifier board for an EEG system from Electrical Geodesics. Specifically, what looks like a 256 sensor board that would plug in to a “Geodesic sensor net” which is what it sounds like – a helmet with a ton of sensors that goes on a subject’s head, then plugs in to this device for all the data to be analyzed.

    May be a 200 series? Not sure on that part.

    • Taylan Ayken says:

      Based on the text I’ll say its a Net Amps 300 series amplifier. Or a newer model like Net Amps 410, using the boards with ADS1251 ADCs from the previous series.

      • Taylan Ayken says:

        Looking at the less redacted text a bit more I think it says 32CHV399, not 300. I’m pretty sure about the first six, but last two are a bit difficult to get. So each board is 32 channels, this device has 8 of these boards so this is a 256 channel device. Looking at the ADCs used, only Net Amps 410 is using ADS1251 ADCs, 400 and 405 are using ADS1298 ADCs. Looking at the catalogs from EGI, 256 channel Net Amps 410 has part number 4608884.