Winner, Name that Ware September 2022

The Ware for September 2022 is a Kenwood ProTalk TK-3300 2 watt 450-470 MHz two-way radio, and thanks again to jackw01 for contributing the photos. Gratz to TRM for totally smashing this one, email me for your prize. Unfortunately since the ware is contributed I don’t have the original PCB to take a better photo of the SMA connector. That being said, I do have an additional image of the die-cast metal housing that the board was mounted in:

I think the “shroud” is actually the connector screwed into that metal housing. In order to photograph the PCB separately, it looks like Jack had to desolder the connector and leave the SMA connector in the housing. I agree with Barnaby’s assessment that there was a concern about reinforcing the connector, since the whip antenna is basically an excellent torque arm for forcibly removing such connectors from the PCB.

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  1. willmore says:

    Thanks for the followup! Yes, that makes sense. You do want to isolate the torgue of the antenna from the electrical connection, so mounting the connector firmly to the case makes a lot of sense but, as you say, it may have complications that the connector becomes a bit integrated into the case requiring a separate soldering setp between the connector and the board as part of assembly..

    From an assembly and maintenance standpoint, that’s a huge pain, but if it doesn’t fail and you don’t have to maintain it therefore…. Seems worth it. I seem to remember having to unsolder the antenna connector of one of my earlier radios (FT-23R?) to take out the main board as well. So, I can’t even blame Kenwood.

    Well done, TRM!

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