Name that Ware, October 2022

The Ware for October 2022 is shown below.

I think there should be ample clues in the first picture to guess the ware, but I included a couple of close-ups of the circuits because I love it when circuit boards document their functions so clearly. You can basically read the schematic directly off the traces. I also enjoy the motif of “here’s a ROM but no microprocessor” (the ROM is the ceramic-packaged 2716 in the top right of the first photo, with the label covering the UV erase window). ROM-based sequencers/FSMs and lookup tables were fairly common for this vintage, but these days most designs use ROMs exclusively to store code that is accessed by a CPU.

8 Responses to “Name that Ware, October 2022”

  1. jackw01 says:

    Based on the PCB silkscreen and front panel connectors I’d say it’s a Wavetek model 75 arbitrary waveform generator.

  2. Marc says:

    Kudos to jackw01. Wavetek was a good hint, but it seems to be a Model 22.

    • bunnie says:

      Veeerrry close. It’s not a Model 22. I had to dig up some old service manuals and compare the diagrams, but there is a subtle difference between the one shown here and the Model 22, and I’ve confirmed the difference is visible in the photos posted. It’s super-subtle. But, I will accept this as the answer if nobody else can find the difference.

  3. Marc says:

    … that was supposed to say “U24 / R36”

  4. Carl Smith says:

    I’m wondering about what PCB fab process results in black silkscreen lettering that goes right over bare solder pads. Like the C and R where it says “CURRENT SWITCH.”

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