Winner, Name that Ware April 2023

The ware for April 2023 is an X-rite DTP22 spectrophotometer. This one almost made it through the month without being guessed, but congrats to cpresser for figuring it out in the last week! email me for your prize.

Here’s some more context images of the ware. The colored filter disk is quite pretty, but if I had included it in the original photoset the function of the ware would have been a bit too … transparent.

Thanks again to artemb for contributing such an interesting ware!

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  1. artemb says:

    Few more tidbits on the ware.

    – photointerrupter is used as a trigger to start the sampling when the device was placed on the target.
    – the three light sources going into the black metal housing in the bottom right corner of the top image above are incandescent bulbs.
    – one sensor was used to sample the light from one of the bulbs, the other measured the light reflected from the sample.
    – the photo sensors are marked “21d303 208” with no manufacturer logo or anything else. I was unable to find any references to them. If anyone has more info, please let me know.

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