Mammoth Mountain

Well, tonight I decided to procrastinate and put something into my blog. I was thinking about writing something technical, but right now I just wanna chill out and think about other things right now. Last month, I went to Mammoth Mountain with some friends. hb and pana had arranged to rent an excellent condo and we all stayed there. It reminded me of summer camp back at home in Michigan, except it wasn’t summer and we had beer. Anyways, it was a helluva good time. I snowboarded for the first time on that trip. I’m so glad I wore wrist guards, because toward the end I acutally shattered one of the wristguards while biffing it. It wasn’t even that bad of a spill, but I hit it at just the right angle. whew I can still type. Before I went on the trip, I practiced my balance on an Indo Board that hb lent me. It helped so much! Thanks to hb’s excellent “sink or swim” (read: you start on a blue square/black diamond trail) tutelage, I was doing the “falling leaf” (rear edge only) technique pretty much the first time down the mountain, and by the end of the last day, I was carving on both edges. Man, that was fun! mmm….good times…Pana summarizes the “headlines” from the trip quite eloquently in her blog:

  • Everyone made it out safely for the weekend, some got a little lost along the way.
  • Rotten watermelon showdown between HB and Dom, Dom finds tree with crotch.
  • Bill attempts a merger and acquisition. (update: I hear that it was “finalized”)
  • Gang of wild raccoons stole the pretzle monument.
  • Teri and Dom were victims of hit and run inner tubes.
  • Bunnie, Kingpin and Teri can now call themselves snowboarders.
  • Krunner says, “It’s too big”.
  • Dom discovers new species of the Feather Spider.
  • Killer arachnid almost eats HB’s leg.
  • Pana bails hard while performing snow pirouettes.
  • Bunnie made a good impression in the snow with his assets.
  • Kingpin and HB battled it out in a foul game of Fart Pong.
  • Angry Kloud wreaks havoc in the desert.
  • Man, the Angry Kloud was weird. On the way home, driving through the desert, there was this singular atmospheric anomaly, one cloud that exhibited a higher albedo than the rest, and it was just thundering and lightning inside itself over and over again. It was like one of those raining thunder clouds that would follow Daffy Duck around in the Looney Toons. I wonder what caused it. Maybe the military was testing some new cloaking technology that uses spontaneously generated clouds :-D

    At Mammoth Mountain!

    Awww yeah…what a view from the top. I remember now, the air was so thin up there, it was tiring to even go up a flight of stairs.

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    1. Interesting article here, well written and much to think about. I wound up in a discussion with my wife over this subject earlier.

    2. tony says:

      Mammoth is an awesome place for summer and winter! I kind of think summer is a better time to be there :)

      Mammoth Lakes