Frag Dolls

Just found these babes slummin’ it at the Penny Arcade fora. SO HOT!! Pinch me, I’m dreaming…this can’t be real. If any of you girls happen to drop by, leave me a note!

12 Responses to “Frag Dolls”

  1. cyphunk says:

    As I remember it was reported (boingboing, gizmodo, dont remember) that the fraggirls site appears to be a ploy to prop up a certain game production studio. Someone noted how there were allot of praises for games from one studio. I dont know, was some time ago that I remember reading this, perhaps I didnt catch the details. enjoy

  2. bunnie says:

    I guess it’s not real, huh. Thanks for the note. I guess there’s a lot of women out there who will use their good looks and lie/misrepresent themselves for the sake of money and/or fame…having known some like that…I could believe it is a ploy.

  3. jinx says:

    we do promote ubisoft games. we also compete in them. we’re gamers, not booth babes. we play the games we promote more than most of the people we’re promoting to. ask gabe and khoo from penny arcade who they play in splinter cell all the time.

    there was an article on boinboing that implied we act as insidious stealth marketing, because they felt we didn’t make our affiliation with ubisoft clear enough – though our forums are hosted by ubisoft and we have the ubisoft logo on every page of our site.

    anyway, i saw the site so. “hello” :)

  4. bunnie says:

    Wow! Rad, they are real, and they really play games! :) Nothing wrong with corporate sponsorship to help you do something you have a passion for…after all my blog site is parked on my company’s site, bunnie studios LLC.

    Thanks for dropping a note, I’m stoked that you took the time drop by and say hi. You’re probably totally busy with fragging for your website, but if you ever get some time out I’d love to play a little tête-à-tête. My gamertag is bunnievorpal. And we all know there’s nothing hotter than getting your ass kicked by a cute girl in Halo. :-D

  5. charlesss says:

    Gotta love those flashgames. I’ve wasted way too much time of my life on them ^^

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  11. One word: awesome! Can’t believe such hot babes play games or that are addicted to Call of Duty. LMAO! I’ve bookmarked FragDolls for a later study. A serious study, if you know what I mean. Thanks for sharing. ;)