FANUC: Robot Sex Shop

I’ve talked a bit about manufacturing on this blog, mostly from my personal experiences working for chumby building the eponymous devices. I was browsing around on the internet and came across another world of manufacturing that I don’t get to see — the world of highly automated manufacturing. Seems like the big fish in the pond there is FANUC, a Japanese company that spun out from Fujitsu (the acronym stands for Fuji Automatic Numerical Control). Their Japanese corporate site is a bit dry, so for people wanting something more digestible, check out their US subsidiary home page. Also, their corporate profile flyer is a bit amusing…it reads a bit like a backgrounder for some anime, complete with photos of fantasy art scenes and tea gardens cheek to jowl with big yellow robots.

FANUC may have the biggest robot sex operation in the world. Get your geek-voyeurism on and watch unabashed robot-on-robot-making-other-robot action in the video below.

And below is a bit longer, but still interesting video that goes through more of FANUC’s offerings (you will want to skip 3:00, where the narrator proclaims, “Now let’s look at the FANUC robots!”):

There’s a ton of YouTube videos for FANUC. Now this feels like we’re in 2010!

20 Responses to “FANUC: Robot Sex Shop”

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  2. Matt says:

    Awesome! I want a FANUC robot!

  3. Mitch says:

    That narration is just begging to be remixed into a techno song.

  4. MB says:

    Bunnie, you might want to clarify this bit here:
    “…FANUC, a Japanese company that spun out from Fuji…”

    There are several Japanese companies named “Fuji” e.g. Fuji Film, Fuji TV, Fuji Heavy Industries. FANUC started off as a part of Fujitsu.

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  6. Stefan says:

    You might want to have a look at (fast ABB robots)
    and (FESTO Bionic Learning Network)

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  8. Will says:

    Hi Bunnie
    Am wondering if you could shoot me an email so I can talk to you a bit about consumer electronics in Shenzhen? I have a few questions, as have been reading your blog and love the info you provide. If you have time, please let me know your email?

    Many thanks
    Will W

  9. Sex Shop says:

    Very interesting news. The Japanese eat a lot of erotica

  10. sex shop says:

    They were who invented the Tenga masturbating toy for men.

  11. Thank you for informing us, thanks a lot. I’ve added your site to my favorites.

  12. MoRdAnTlY says:

    I love Fanuc. THE BEST iso control on the planet. Ever notice why Haas and a few others mimic Fanuc??? Heidenhain is my favorite though, conversational is the shizzle. “Tool Call 16 Z 18000” vs “T0303 M03 S18000”

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