Maker Faire and Hardware Innovation Workshop!

I’m looking forward to next week — one of my favorite events, Maker Faire, is just around the corner, and so is the Hardware Innovation Workshop.

I’ll be making the trek from Singapore this weekend so I can host a “Master Class Workshop” at the Hardware Innovation Workshop on the morning of May 14. Also in the line-up are Zach “Hoeken” Smith (haxlr8r), John Park (AQS), James “Laen” Neal (OSH Park PCB), and Zack Kaplan (Inventables), all of whom will share valuable insights and perspectives on manufacturing and scaling up.

We’ll be getting down to brass tacks with a group of Makers who are looking to scale their big ideas. We’ll share experiences about trying, and often times failing, to get things made. And we’ll finish with a set of campfire discussions, where Makers will get a chance to ask any questions weighing on their mind. If you liked my series of posts on “The Factory Floor”, you might also enjoy this workshop.

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