Open Source Geiger Counter Update

Today, March 11, marks the second anniversary of the Tohoku-Oki earthquake that devastated Japan and triggered the meltdown of Fukushima Daiichi. In a desire to help any way I could, I joined Safecast and created an open source Geiger counter reference design, which I released last year around this time.

Since then, Safecast launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, and International Medcom has completed the monumental tasks of tooling, testing, debugging, and developing firmware for this little device.

Above: the limited edition Kickstarter version of the Geiger counter in action.

Above: the steel tools used to injection mold the ventral case of the Geiger counter.

Finally, the clear, limited-edition Kickstarter devices are shipping. You can see some photos of them on the Make Blog as Eric Weinhoffer at Make is helping to put the finishing touch on every unit: a laser-cut, limited edition serial number on the back of each case.

Having shipped many products myself, I know how hard everyone has worked to make this a reality. Congrats guys!

If you donate to Safecast between now and 11:59 PM EDT tomorrow, March 11th, Global Giving will match your donation 200%. As long as funding remains, they’ll even match your donation 100% until March 15th. Click the image below to learn more and contribute to a great project.

5 Responses to “Open Source Geiger Counter Update”

  1. Alex says:

    This is an amazing product, but do you know why they’re charging $799 for it?

    I thought this was made of less than $100 worth of parts, and was developed for free? I don’t understand the 800% markup.

  2. Dear Bunnie,

    the molding device is quite impressive, didn’t know it was so big.

    Do you have any video of that mold in action?

  3. Brian says:


    I love it! It’s a word you don’t often hear! Oh, my aching dorsum!

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  5. patience says:

    i want this, how much?