Qué romántico!

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a fake ON-semi 16-pin SOIC.

Mitch Davis sent me this photo, posted in a Chinese-only trade group chat room for chip sellers in Huaqiangbei. The poster said, “Does anyone know who supplies this chip, my customer needs it urgently!”

I figure if you can put any fake markings on any chip, this would be a romantic way to give a sly wink to that girl in the material quality inspection office you’ve had eyes on. Now all we need are “will you marry me” chips: “Hey darling, can you help me rework this board? I can’t quite make out the part number on this chip…” Now the hard part is, what chip would be most appropriate for the big question?

15 Responses to “Qué romántico!”

  1. bunnie says:

    I’m thinking a write-once ROM with space for two private keys.

  2. Urgentissimo says:

    I would go for a Z80 (traditional and plenty of space).
    Also add a 7805 for a simple “NO.” (in some cases you may need that appropriate answer).

  3. kodabar says:

    Surely is has to be a 555. Timing is everything…

  4. Tim says:

    4008 adder.

  5. ChuckB says:

    CD4047 ? In case the answer is no.

  6. Tux says:

    What’s more romantic than an FPGA? “Baby, the parameters of our relationship are modifiable at will”

  7. Alex says:

    I would choose an FPGA.

    Love is an ocean! or rather a sea…. of gates…

  8. Taniwha says:

    If you want you can get anything screen printed on completely non-bogus chips ….

    Years ago (20+) I designed graphics accelerators for a living, our first outing was surprisingly fast, twice as fast as the then competition and far cheaper, largely because it was an existing video card with a bunch of pals and sram we’d knocked together in a couple of weeks (mind you I’d spent months before figuring out what to accelerate – turned out stupid software spent most of its time erasing white to white – excell would happily do it 5 times over)

    So to hide our tracks we had our SRAMs and PALs private labeled with our own logo and part numbers

  9. Derek Lewis says:

    Perhaps a level converter?

    • Nate B says:

      Came here to say this. Especially if you’re a short/tall couple, a level converter might be really handy…

  10. wutje says:

    A 2-to-1 mux, what else

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