Name that Ware, April 2014

The Ware for April 2014 is shown below.

Apologies for the cracked/munged die, that’s how I received it. The die shot isn’t too high resolution, but I have a feeling its gross features are distinct enough that this ware will be guessed quickly.

10 Responses to “Name that Ware, April 2014”

  1. Chris S says:

    The over finish is so regular — it’s like there is nothing there yet.

    Which I’ll guess is the point.

    136 pin QFP FPGA (without the QFP, of course).

  2. steveM2 says:

    Xilinx DS136?

  3. Taniwha says:

    looks more like a gate array than an FPGA to me (fixed lower layers user defined metal layers)

  4. mfg says:

    Some kind of 3 or 6 unit CPLD? One of the branches is not like the others, that’s one thing that stands out to me.

  5. David says:

    After looking at images of un-programmed logic I notice none of them seem to be divided into sections like this die. That got me thinking. Perhaps it was something like a parallax Propeller with its separate processing sections. A quick search found an image of the Propeller 2 as shown here:

  6. Mild Lee Interested says:

    I’m reminded of an episode of fake Atmel chips having nothing but a copper slug in them….