Winner, Name that Ware March 2014

While there is no solid consensus on the precise function of this ware, there is a very solid body of evidence that March’s ware is part of a missile guidance system, likely from the AIM series of missiles made by Raytheon Missile Systems. Presumably Raytheon re-uses their missile avionics chassis across multiple product lines, hence it’s difficult to say exactly which design it’s from. The US has exported AIM-9 missiles to…a lot of places, including for example, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and nearby Asian countries including Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand. So these scrap parts could have come from anywhere, not necessarily the US military. Next time I see one of these on the market, though, I think I will pick it up; it’ll make a great conversation piece for the coffee table.

As for a winner, I think I’ll go with Chip; congrats, email me for your prize. I found the insight into the CAGE code to be a nice tip, I’ll have to use that in the future. I actually come across military-looking hardware surprisingly regularly in the scrap markets, and they do make for a lively name that ware.

One Response to “Winner, Name that Ware March 2014”

  1. Alexander A. Veith says:

    Those who guessed rockets, guidance Systems are never constructed that way, in no Country and you won’t find These components for These purposes in Shenzen.

    Looking at the configuration and orientation of the components it is a rest of a modular prototype for telemetry , designed for use in space. A simple Piece of some Satellite.

    Not fishing for a price here, just sharing part of my knowledge about MIL Hardware, God knows, I analyzed a ton of it from many countries….