See you at Maker Faire Bay Area!

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Maker Faire Bay Area, happening May 17 & 18 at the San Mateo Event Center. xobs and I will be giving a short half-hour talk starting at 10:30AM in the Expo hall on Saturday about Novena, on the Electronics stage. Afterwards, xobs will be hanging out with his Novena at the Freescale booth, also in the Expo hall, about halfway down on the left hand side across from the Atmel/Arduino booth. If you’re curious to see it or just want to stop by and say hi, we welcome you!

Also, the whole chibitronics crew will be in the Expo hall as well, in the second row between Sony, PCH, and Qualcomm (‽‽‽). We’ll be teaching people how to craft circuits onto paper; attendees who can score a first-come, first-serve spot will receive free circuit stickers and also get a chance to be instructed by the wonderful and dynamic creative genius behind chibitronics, Jie Qi.

2 Responses to “See you at Maker Faire Bay Area!”

  1. David Konerding says:

    Hey! I bought some of the chibitronics stickers the Maker Faire this weekend. My kids and I loved assembling circuits with the conductive tape and making LEDs light up. Perfectly designed. I’m still trying to get the trigger to do something useful but I really like your comment here:
    “Yes, this is all hand-coded AVR assembly. Yeach. But, that’s all you can do with 512 bytes of code and 32 bytes of RAM. If I were in the 70’s, this would be a cutting edge dissertation.”

  2. Spring says:

    Hi! Did you get the chance to stop by Voltset?! Our booth was at Maker Pro, introducing our recent launching product– Voltset. It is a interactive smartphone multimeter, just like R2D2! We work very hard to build a platform for makers, professionals, and young innovators, simply because we are a bunch of people believing in maker movement. We’d love if you take a peek of our page ( and send us any feedback! We’d also love to spread our story out, which could benefit more people around the world. Thanks. :)