Winner, Name that Ware April 2014

The Ware for April 2014 is a Propeller II from Parallax. Kudos to David for nailing it; email me for your prize!

5 Responses to “Winner, Name that Ware April 2014”

  1. David says:

    I am not sure which of my two email addresses I used when I ‘named the ware’ which might explain if they dont match :)



  2. ben says:

    So is Propeller II a new multi-core microcontroller asic that parallax is developing for multirotors/uavs, or is it an (open source?) fpga design that anyone can be programmed onto an Altera DE0 or Cyclone V?

    The product page is a forum link so it’s not blatantly clear :(

  3. f4grx says:

    IIUC, the propeller is not specifically made for UAVs, and is not open source. That’s just a multicore MCU.

  4. Eric Ball says:

    The Propeller 1 & 2 are unique 8 core 32 bit microcontrollers. Each core has a small amount of local private code+data RAM and there is a shared pool of data RAM which is accessed atomically via a round-robin process. The GPIO pins are shared by all cores. There is also an onboard ROM containing the bootloader (IPL via serial EEPROM or serial IO) and a custom HLL interpreter which supports the unique architecture.

    I’m most familiar with the Prop 1, particularly with it’s analog TV generation capabilities. I believe there have been attempts to create an FPGA version of the P1 via reverse engineering.