Winner, Name that Ware July 2016

The Ware for July 2016 was a board from a Connection Machine CM-2 variant; quite likely a CM-200.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous board, and the sort of thing I’d use as a desktop background if I used a desktop background that was’t all black. Thanks again to Mark Jessop for contributing the ware. Finally, the prize this month goes to ojn for a fine bit of sleuthing, please email me to claim your prize! I particularly loved this little comment in the analysis:

The board layout technique is different from what I’ve been able to spot from IBM, SGI, DEC. Cray used different backplanes so the connectors at the top also don’t match.

Every designer and design methodology leaves a unique fingerprint on the final product. While I can’t recognize human faces very well, I do perceive stylistic differences in a circuit board. The brain works in funny ways…

3 Responses to “Winner, Name that Ware July 2016”

  1. J. Peterson says:

    Would love to see a photo of the whole board. It looks like the apogee of PTH board design.

  2. Temple Iwu says:

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  3. Karen Liu says:

    Hi Bunnie! It’s Karen; we met at Burning Man last year. Unfortunately I was not able to go this year because I got Lasik. Hope you are doing well, just thought I’d drop a hello.