WIRED Documentary on Shenzhen

WIRED is now running a multi-part video documentary on Shenzhen:

This shoot was a lot of fun, and it was a great pleasure working with Posy and Jim. I think their talent as producer and director really show through. They also did a great job editing my off-the-cuff narratives. The spot in the video where I’m pointing out Samsung parts isn’t matched to the b-roll of Apple parts, but in their defense I was moving so fast through the market that Jim couldn’t capture all the things I was pointing at.

I haven’t seen the whole documentary myself (I was just called in to give some tours of the market and answer a few questions in my hotel room), so I’m curious and excited to see where this is going! Especially because of the text chosen for printing during my Moore’s Law explanation at 3:13 — “ALL PROPRIETARY AND NO OPEN SOURCE MAKES INNOVATION A SLOW PROCESS.”


7 Responses to “WIRED Documentary on Shenzhen”

  1. Jin says:

    Love the HQB vibe :) there is so many thing behind the hidden store in those building.

  2. Entertaining and informative – excellent!

  3. Jay says:

    Shame you couldn’t have put in a plug for your awesome guide to Shenzhen

  4. Tom says:

    Sheesh you must have been nervous doing that market footage. Nice one.

  5. jim says:


    Glad you noticed it, that was a little easter egg made just for your enjoyment. ;)

    Thanks again man, was a pleasure to meet you, hope we can continue to do the topic justice..


  6. 流行 cm says:


  7. Varun says:

    A wonderful documentary on Shenzhen. I havent been there anytime and love to come sometime and explore the city. I will definitely this documentary in mind when I go there someday. Thanks