Name that Ware December 2017

The Ware for December 2017 is shown below.

I’ve partially cropped the photo to make it a bit more challenging, but I have a feeling this will be guessed … rather quickly … despite the impediment.

It’s a real beauty on the inside, isn’t it?

9 Responses to “Name that Ware December 2017”

  1. Piotr says:

    It looks like Keithley 2000 Series multimeter.

  2. What is the upright 3 terminal component (labelled R117) that looks like it is unpackaged?

  3. Sourcerer says:

    I see 2 date-codes, on the left in the middle of the image: 9707 and 9709, so this device was made in 1997.
    On the top left we have cutouts in the PCB, which are either done for higher voltage handling areas, or for temperature sensors. In this case it looks like it cares about higher voltages, due to the thicker traces and wires. So in the upper left we likely have the power supply part of the board.
    In the middle, I see 2 LM339M, which are together 8 comparators. They compare voltages. This could be used for triggering something.
    Then there are Motorola 14094B, which are 8-Stage Shift/Store Registers
    with Three-State Output.
    The NEC 2506 are Quad SPST CMOS Analog Switches.
    The yellow thing in the middle looks like a precision resistor, since the R in R117 reveales that it is a resistor.
    The round thing at the top of the image looks like a BNC connector.
    Most of the manufacturers are from the US.
    So we have various analog stuff, analog thresholds, precise resistances, and most of the things seem to occur twice.
    So I would guess that it is some kind of analog measurement equipment from a US vendor, built in 1997.

  4. Sourcerer says:

    I wondered what the golden TP104 is, it is a test-point! Raised and ring-ed. Nice!

  5. aki009 says:

    Given that everybody _thinks_ they know what this part is, may I add my 5c.

    Just because this piece of passives-rare engineering doesn’t shine with its awesomeness doesn’t mean it’s _not_ part of the backplane of an anti-matter flux capacitive circuitron that you can find in any off-the-shelf Star Trek matter transporter.