Name that Ware, August 2018

The Ware for August 2018 is shown below.

Thanks to Patricio Worthalter for contributing this ware!

11 Responses to “Name that Ware, August 2018”

  1. bunnie says:

    I forgot to also mention that the ware is up for grabs in case anyone recognizes it and needs it, and can cover the cost of shipping. Leave a comment here and I can connect you with Patricio.

  2. archels says:

    Some hints from the chip datasheets:

    NS32CG16: High Performance Printer/Display Processor

    “The NS32CG16 is a 32-bit microprocessor in the Series 32000/EPTM family that provides special features for graphics applications. It is specifically designed to support page oriented printing technologies such as Laser, LCS, LED, Ion-Deposition and InkJet.”

    DP83902A: Serial Network Interface Controller for Twisted Pair

    NS32FX16: Imaging/Signal Processor

    “… specifically optimized for CCITT Group 2 and Group 3 Facsimile Applications, Data Modems, Voice Mail Systems, Laser Printers, or any combination of the above”

    So in all likelihood, this board would have been found inside a Laser/Inkjet type networked printer. Still trying to figure out how the cartridge fits into it… could hold data, or a program?

  3. James says:

    Processor board for a laser printer and the cart would be the Postscript font package?

  4. Franqlin says:

    You just had to post it upside-down :)

  5. Greg says:

    I think this is an aftermarket motherboard replacement for an early HP LaserJet series printer to add onboard networking. The font cartridge slot and RJ-45/AUI ports give that part of it away. There’s also not much RAM, in keeping with the early LaserJet machines.

    I’d guess it’s an upgrade from II->III, since HP also had that upgrade path officially. It would be easy for someone to knockoff the upgrade and keep selling it after HP stopped.

  6. SAM says:

    I would guess that is a
    PN# 160-2531-002

    Or something very close.

    Like described here:

    I might have been lucky searching the SW number (907-2233-0).

  7. Mis012 says:

    some of the blurring seems to be succeptible to being attacked like a low-quality hash, it’s actually a usable attack method according to an article I read a while back

  8. kodabar says:

    It’s exactly what SAM and megabytephreak say it is. I wish these challenges could last a little longer to give us more time to play. But I guess some months are easier than others.

  9. Arjen says:

    The font cartridge slot and RJ-45/AUI ports give that part of it away