Name that Ware July 2018

The Ware for July 2018 is shown below.

Thanks to the little birdie that dropped this ware in my inbox. :) Really nice photography work.

5 Responses to “Name that Ware July 2018”

  1. Mis012 says:

    Purpose built card for some x86 ‘arcade’ thing?

  2. Greg says:

    Pretty sure it’s a Naomi-style arcade adapter kit to convert a Sega Naomi arcade machine into one that can run Capcom games. The connector layout primarily gave it away but the battery is also a clue.

    I believe the FPGA emulates the decryption of the Capcom ROMs and the battery holds the decryption key (which is stored in RAM on those devices.)

  3. Vegard says:

    I agree with it being an IO board for an arcade machine. The giveaway for me was the connector panel with a combination of dip switches and a USB connector. The latter is most likely not USB at all, but JVS.

  4. megabytephreak says:

    Based on the comments above and some digging, it looks like it is the JVS IO board for a Sega Nu system. You can see pictures of the complete system here:

    An interesting combination of interfaces present. CAN: 2xtja1050 at the top left of the main board. RS232: 2xMAX3243E below that. RS485 1xDS485 transceiver further down. There us also another MAX232, but it appears connected to a DNP connector, perhaps for debug.

    There are both DS2465 and DS28E15 Maxim Deepcover authenticators on the board, so it clearly has a role in DRM for the games as well.

    Interesting contrast to see an FPGA implementing PCIe connected to an old school asynchronous SRAM. Perhaps backed by the coin cell and tamper protected? The SRAM does appear to have a 1uA standby mode.

  5. Jonathan says:

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