Winner, Name that Ware May 2018

The NeTV2-MVP DVT1E rev shown in the May 2018 ware has 933 vias and 63 holes for a total of 996 drill hits. The closest guess for total number of drill hits was Jonathan, at 69 holes and 888 vias = 957 drill hits (39 shy of the total). Mangel was in a close second place with 84 hols and 962 vias for a total of 1046 drill hits (50 over the total). So, Jonathan’s the winner! Congrats, please email me to claim your board!

One Response to “Winner, Name that Ware May 2018”

  1. mangel says:


    What it is interesting is how I got to the numbers. It was an experiment.

    I saw in TV an experiment where a hundred people was asked to guess the number of balls in a pot. The results were very spreaded, but the arithmetic average was surprisingly exact.

    I tried with the arithmetic average of the results of the other contestants, not having into account the two more spreaded in each category.

    The pity is that there were a low number of answers, but even with that, it was close.

    Very interesting experiment, indeed.

    I’m asking miself it this also works with neural networks, as they work a bit like the brain.

    Imagine 100 neural networks, trained with different inputs. May be that the average of results will be much better than only one net, trained with all the inputs and with 100 times the neural cells?

    Maybe I try it some day, if I have time.