Name that Ware, November 2021

The Ware for November 2021 is shown below.

This is another ware from jackw01, and I thought it was fitting for the season (that’s a hint, yes). The posting is a bit early this month because, good news: Precursor production is finally moving ahead! … and so, I may not have sufficient connectivity later this month to post at the usual time.

5 Responses to “Name that Ware, November 2021”

  1. Adam Robinson says:

    It’s a shop christmas light driver, turns the outputs on by clocking through that eprom to get nice patterns switching on and off whatever strings are switched on and off by the ports. Still can’t work out what the top left chip is.

  2. willmore says:

    Let’s see, on the left we have a 555 probably genreating some relatively slow clock. We also have a GS4069 hex inverter which is likely being used for a buffered 5 stage ring oscillator. That feeds two GD4024 7 bit ripple counters. What we can’t tell is if they are cascaded. I”ll guess that they are separately clocked by the 555 and ring oscillator giving two independent 7 bit inputs to what (if Adam Robinson is right) seems to be an ROM. The ROM has 8 bits of output, but there seem to be two 6 bit outputs because the next chips are two pairs of GD74LS174 of hex D-flipflops/UNL2003A 7 channel hich current/high voltage darlington transistor arrays. To the right is a typical looking linear power supply plus what is likely a power switch. The two transistors there are of unknown use.

    Would really love to see the other side of the board. ;)

    Adam could be right in what they’re suggesting. The two different oscillators could be used not only for different patterns, but also for dimming or twinkling or other effects which benefit from independent counters at different clock rates (fire and candle effects, etc.)

  3. Paul de Groot says:

    Hi, I believe this is one of the early pingpong or table tennis games. I once repaired one and it looks so familiar :) except the UHF video tuner is missing… so maybe I am wrong. Just guessing,

    • Joe says:

      I guessed the same at first but the connectors are definitely outputs only, judging by the output driver chips next to them. There is neither a connection for joysticks nor the TV modulator or any other video / audio output. Also, there should be some controls (or connectors for them) to select the game, reset, etc., which is all missing here. Comparing the board to the one from an actual TV console proves they look quite different.
      Even knowing for sure this is a lights driver still didn’t help me find the actual ware this board belongs to. This is a tough one actually.