Winner, Name that Ware February 2021

The ware is a sampling mixer from an HP 8508A vector voltmeter – foreground is a VCO and step generator that sends trigger pulses to samplers on both of the 2 input channels. The wiper is used to equalize the delay between the two channels. I found Cody’s analysis to be interesting and thought-provoking, so I’ll give him the prize for this month. Congrats, email me for your prize! I was also wondering if anyone was going to squint really hard and see the HP logo, and sure enough Name That Ware regular willmore saw it!

2 Responses to “Winner, Name that Ware February 2021”

  1. willmore says:

    Congratulations, Cody!

    And I’m nearsighted, so I really didn’t even have to squint. :)

  2. M. Nadiri says:

    It is a Honeywell Notifier HS-NCM-MF High speed Network Card.