Winner, Name that Ware May 2021

For email subscribers, apologies in advance if you get two copies of the Name That Ware post series this month — I’m still trying to sort out some new email client configurations. I’m guessing it’ll take a few tries before everything works right.

On to the Ware — looks like I left a little too much text in on this one! Taylan Ayken got the exact model and make, a 256-channel Net Amps 410 from Electrical Geodesics. Congrats, email me for your prize!

Whenever you hear things like “256 channels” these days it’s easy to assume it has to be all integrated into a single chip. But, then you come across gems like these and you’re re-assured that the technique of the board-level integration of hundreds of channels is still alive and kicking, despite the best efforts of Moore’s Law to integrate everything into a single epoxy blob.

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