Name that Ware, December 2022

The Ware for December 2022 is shown below.

Turning this into a suitable Name that Ware-style entry was a bit tough, but I think maybe I hit a balance between leaving enough clues, and giving it away. We’ll see shortly!

I have a lot more to say about this ware: I will give proper attribution once the ware has been guessed (or the end of the month, whichever is sooner); but let’s just say I was incredibly pleased to find such detailed images in the public domain.

4 Responses to “Name that Ware, December 2022”

  1. Taylan Ayken says:

    It’s marking says AMD M74AP, I think I found the original picture:

    But searching for the part doesn’t show much. My guess is that it’s and ATI M74 GPU used in ATI Radeon HD 2400 XT. It’s from 2007 so I believe the date code matches as well.

  2. Keith says:

    “Drink more Ovaltine”

  3. bunnie says:

    Note: the correct answer has still not been posted, so the game is still in play!

  4. SAM says:

    As the link from Taylan also shows the number 216-0905018 which, after a bit of searching seems to be a Radeon 540 used in e.g. Samsung Notebook 9 Pro NP940X5M.
    I guess the M74AP.00 is a batch marking (as it is different on the other 216-0905018s I have found photos of) and 1807 is 2018, week 7.