Name that Ware, August 2023

The Ware for August 2023 is shown below.

Thanks to adrian for sharing this ware! Adrian sent me several wonderful photos, and the whole thing is actually pretty neat to look at. However, for better or for worse the parts in the ware are so unique that most of them resolve to an answer with a simple search query – even those of the most humble looking 16-pin SOICs. Hopefully this partial view of the ware makes it at least a little bit of a challenge to guess.

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  1. Dominik says:

    It’s a CRT viewfinder (looks a bit like a blaupunkt design, but I couldn’t find an exact device) and my guess is that the 16-pin SOIC is a AN2514S.

    • Carl Smith says:

      It does look extrememly similar to the CRT viewfinder from a Blaupunkt CR-4500 VHS-C camcorder, but the images online are not identical. Maybe this one is a different revision?

      The images from the 4500 online show ELY07V5 instead of ELY05V5 seen on the tube here. Also, the circuit board is not identical. The layout isn’t identical, the connectors are placed differently and wire colors are in a different order, but they are very close to the same thing.

      The deflection coils are under the metal tube with the ELY05 marking. The blue-yellow wire pair is one coil, the red-brown is the other coil. The “geared” rings are no doubt alignment rings. The high voltage must come from the cube sitting on the right end of the board under the neck, probably a transformer.

      Interesting twist, one of the images online shows a label “08L16A” on the top face of the transformer. I Googled that and one of the top search results was a PDF on the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, a diagram of reactor coolant pump system for the Diablo Canyon power plant. I think it’s safe to rule that out as unrelated to this ware.

  2. Hales says:

    Looks like a CRT, but where is the high voltage? Possibly that dark rectangular thing on the right is some form of magnetic?

    Looks like it has deflection coils (2 pairs of wires going to middle), adjustment rings (middle) and only a few wires going to the rear. Sadly not enough for it to be a number tube like the XM1000.

  3. George Styles says:

    Hi. I don’t know what this is, but I want to chip in and say that I absolutely love the name that ware feature on your blog. I got close once with an obvious usb scope, but someone else got the exact model.please keep these coming, they are fascinating

  4. Ivkan says:

    That looks pretty much like a tube camera, some kind of a Vidicon tube.
    Could be Newvicon or something.
    The plastic part sticking out of the tube socket would then be a red LED light biasing to improve the sensitivity and contrast.

    Interesting piece of tech, definitely :D

  5. Cary Roberts says:

    It seems to be a reflective Sony Watchmen. However, I looked for 15 minutes and I couldn’t find the actual model name of this unit.

  6. Anon says:

    Is it some sort X-ray device or X-ray source?

  7. Anon says:

    Or maybe part of an electron microscope?

  8. Seb says:

    Spoiler alert: Looks extremely similar to the pic on this repair forum page, which would make it the thing mentioned on that site. Not claiming any credit here, others have gotten close because they know things, I just used DuckDuckGo…

  9. Dennis Adams says:

    I also think Sony Watchman

  10. wrm says:

    Nope, sorry, not a challenge to guess because a few very similar somethings have been shared to the FB group “I take pictures of Electronic Parts” where I hang out :-) As to the exact model, I’m sure someone will figure it out.

  11. Albert says:

    Without searching the tube explicitly, I’d say this is a Gieger-Müller counter device.

    One can see a glimpse of the HV transformer, which is connected to the back side of the tube. Also the two pair of wires in the center do not look like feeding coils, thus no CRT.

    The parts and even the layout is very similar to the hobby project,

  12. Jin says:

    ELY CRT Tube and the small size mean it should be the same era 1990 CRT camcorder like Panasonic VX22 series with adjustable viewfinder.

    Now left is find the model that fit the board design with the component

    • Jin says:

      The orange 4 pin connector seem to be favor by the JVC camcoder.
      So this should be a JVC GR-AX series

      I put my bet on GR-AXM225 as there is a youtube video that show the other half of the board and it look pretty much match up.

      • Jin says:

        The 16 pin SOIC Bunnie mention in the post should be BA7149F.

        The BA7149F is an electronic viewfinder driver for video cameras. It separates the synchronous signal from the input video signal, and outputs the vertical deflection drive output and horizontal deflection signals. HD and VD output signals with guaranteed phase difference are also provided for on-screen displays (OSD). The differences between the BA7149F and the BA7148F are the horizontal blanking, horizontal AFC output, HD output phase and pulse width

  13. Adrian says:

    Apropos to this Ware, I just came across this collection of CRT viewfinder teardowns:

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