Episode 3: A New Breed of Intellectual Property

Episode 3 is out!

I say the darndest things on camera. O_o

Like everyone else, I see the videos when they are released. So far, this episode makes the clearest case for why Shenzhen is the up-and-coming place for hardware technology.

Most of the time my head is buried in resistors and capacitors. However, this video takes a wide-angle shot of the tech ecosystem. I’ve been visiting for over a decade, and this video is the first time I’ve seen some of the incredible things going on in Shenzhen, particularly in the corporate world.

6 Responses to “Episode 3: A New Breed of Intellectual Property”

  1. chris says:

    Have you read Stephan Kinsella’s “Against Intellectual Property”? Seems like shenzheners have read it. :)

  2. steve says:

    After watching the video it seems that IP rights are respected in China and it’s not just a “free for all”. Is that correct? What I don’t get is how the owner of IP makes the deal with the copiers/improvers of the technology. I’d like to know about more examples of how that works. The vid makes that relationship seem too simple.

  3. Hector Dominguez says:

    Awesome man! Keep doing great work and showing the world that there are more than one way to make things happen.

  4. Camilo says:

    So Far the best episode i like that they keep the words, the early Shanzai was clearly copy but at least now they transform and evolve after copy with new features can wait to go back to Shenzhen. Bunnie when you will visit Shanghai?

  5. Tom Esq. says:

    Yo. We met at some haxlr8r thing in sz a few years ago. I’m an IP lawyer that used to work there. The vid is good but seems confusing. Chinese manufacturers do respect IP, but only to the extent IP is a thing in China. Which quantitatively is 1/4 what it is in the States.

    Useful anti-IP propaganda should acknowledge the reality that IP is good, to a point. I dont think it should marginalize the maker movement as anticapitalist, anti-progress. I mean, we are, but you work within the system to change it, failing which we need a full scale revolution. And I think that revolution happens, is brought about by, by being someone, a mouthpiece, in the middle, not a marginal.

    Peace & love

  6. Santo Bowen says:

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