Episode 4: Reinventing 35 years of Innovation

Episode 4 is out!

It’s a daunting challenge to document a phenomenon as diverse as Shenzhen, so I don’t envy the task of trying to fit it in four short episodes.

Around 6:11 I start sounding like a China promo clip. This is because as a foreigner, I’m a bit cautious about saying negative things about a country, especially when I’m a guest of that country.

I really love the part at 3:58 where Robin Wu, CEO of Meegopad, reflects on the evolution of the term Shanzhai in China:

I was one of the people who made Shanzhai products. In the past, everyone looked down on Shanzhai products. Now, I think the idea of the maker is the same as Shanzhai. Shanzhai is not about copying. Shanzhai is a spirit.

4 Responses to “Episode 4: Reinventing 35 years of Innovation”

  1. neil lopez says:

    Shenzhen will be the perfect cyberpunk city of the future.

  2. CK says:

    Definitely my favourite WIRED series so far. Also, I have a random question for you. What brand is your backpack (the orange and gray one)? It looks cool.

  3. sharon says:

    China rules in electronics field and i am sure shezhen is the heart of it. Perfect combination.

  4. Anthony says:

    Amazing yes ok I just seen this 2 weeks ago and everyone in that video hit it on the botton, My favorite part too” I have a invention prototype I need assistance with I sent a App to HAX I would like to work with you on this project exclusively

    “Its every phone and laptop in the world with have built in ”

    Can you advise me? And help figure out my next steps