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Name that Ware May 2007!

Monday, June 11th, 2007

The wares for this month are shown below. Click the image for a larger version.

Ware One

Ware Two

There are two wares this month (and again, I’m late and I apologize–I should be able to get back on schedule next month). I’m hoping they are particularly challenging to guess, because the first person who can correctly guess both wares gets a special prize — a chumby. The first person to get just one of the wares correct will get the usual prize for name that ware ($10 gift card to or any piece of bunniestudios schwag you want). You need to identify not only the function of the ware but the item in which it is embedded. As a note, ware two’s wires extend onward to form a spiral loop, they are not shown since the full extent of the wires were outside the range of the x-ray mosaic.

As a reminder, if you are posting an answer, you may want to use the md5sum trick to claim your entry time (e.g., echo “your answer” | md5sum and post that to the comments for your initial guess) without giving away your answer (so that others can’t crib off of your thoughts). Don’t forget to return at the end of the month to fully describe your answer in plaintext, or else I can’t judge your entry! The descriptions will be important because I suspect one of the wares will be particularly difficult to guess, and I’d like to judge this contest carefully because the prize is relatively large.

Here’s an example of the md5sum trick in case you aren’t familiar with it:

$ echo "your answer" | md5sum
21bfb9699d16738785ddcb8dfb472e2c *-

You would then just post 21bfb9699d16738785ddcb8dfb472e2c to the comment round. If you don’t have md5sum, then either get linux, or install cygwin ;-)

Winner of Name that Ware, April 2007!

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

The winner of Name that Ware April 2007 is Bruce Walker. Great work! email me to claim your prize. Seems like this one was a breeze. This ware is similar to one previously featured on Name that Ware; perhaps one could argue that this is its big brother. I actually paid about 400 quai (USD 52) for it, but that’s probably because my haggling skills aren’t that great. Then again, most vendors wouldn’t even talk to me with an opening offer below 400.

I thought this ware was particularly interesting because of the functionality it offered at its price point. For around 50 US, you get a digital camera/video recorder with flash, video playback, FM radio, sound recorder, and best of all–an NES emulator built in.

Atlantic Monthly

Friday, June 8th, 2007

I got a couple of emails from folks looking for a link mentioned in an article that ran in the Atlantic Monthly recently. My blog on the SEG electronics center has been shuffled into the archives; you can read it here.

I’m late on last month’s name that ware, my apologies. I have the ware photos ready to go, but I’ve just spent the last three weeks in factories in China without a minute to spare (not to mention very intermittant internet access). The good news is I’m heading home and I have some more photos and stories to share, and chumbys are rolling off the line now, finally!