Name that Ware Contest Rules


The spirit of this competition is to teach people how to think about reverse engineering hardware by example. Thus, there is an emphasis on trying to disclose the process of arriving at an answer, and not so much the correctness of the answer itself. So, if you happen to work for the company that makes the product I picture on this page, and simply state what it is, you will most likely not win the contest. However, if your logic is well-reasoned and clear, and you arrive at an incorrect answer, you run a high chance of winning.


At the end of each month, bunnie will judge all posts in the comment area for the page. The post will be archived as a permanent page with the winning comment will be called out, along with any additional comments I may have about the ware or the comment. In order to recieve your prize, you must leave me at least your email address in your comment posting (the email will not show up in the comment posting itself).


The prize may vary from month to month, but nominally, the winner may choose from either a $25 gift card for, or select prizes from the bunniestudios merch page. Some months I may chose a particularly difficult ware, and increase the prize. Other months, I may chose a no-brainer ware and just make the prize having your name entered into the Name that Ware hall of fame.


bunnie reserves the right to judge entries on any metric he choses. Also, by entering a post, you are agreeing to have your post distributed under a Creative Commons non-commercial, share-alike, attribution license. In other words, don’t post anything you feel is proprietary or you would like to reserve for future commercial efforts.

Creative Commons License
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15 Responses to “Name that Ware Contest Rules”

  1. […] I’m also going to try something a little bit new for this competition. I’m going to stick with the original rules of Name That Ware–e.g., prizes awarded based on my personal, subjective opinion of “best analysis” merits–but for now I’m going to up the prize stakes. Now that chumbys are shipping to customers, we have a few misfit chumbys that get sent back. Thankfully, we don’t have enough of these returns to make it worthwhile to implement a rework program, so for now they just sit in inventory, gathering dust. Many of these units are “hacker-functional” e.g., a hacker would be happy to get one, but they do not meet the chumby quality standard for some cosmetic reason, such as a loose screw rattling around on the inside. I figure one of the best things we could do for these misfit chumbys is to find them a home in the hands of someone that can breathe new life into them–someone who can hack them and create something new and interesting out of them. Significantly, the unit would not come with any of the packaging or accessories that are part of the usual chumby experience–they would just be a chumby and a power supply in a brown box. […]

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