Name that Ware, February 2021

February 28th, 2021

The Ware for February 2021 is shown below.

This one’s a bit tougher, since it’s just a small section of the complete circuit board; but I think there’s enough visible to have a stab at what the core function might be of the circuits highlighted here! Should be an interesting stumper.

Thanks again to Don Straney for contributing these wonderful wares!

Winner, Name that Ware January 2021

February 28th, 2021

The Ware for January 2021 is a LogiMetrics 921A RF signal generator. Or at least, that’s what the caption says on the picture that was sent to me; the insides don’t quite match up with other photos on the Internet, but it also seems there were a few revisions of the equipment over time, plus various enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to overhaul their devices before passing them on to a new owner.

I’ll give the prize to Allen Smith for being the first to roughly identify the gear category and vintage. Congrats, email me for your prize!

I really love the classic, air-gap variable capacitor on this device. It’s exactly what I would want on hand to illustrate how capacitors work in an entry-level electronics class…if I had an infinite budget.

Name that Ware, January 2021

January 31st, 2021

The Ware for January 2021 is shown below.

My call for guest wares was answered, and Don Straney has graciously donated a photoset of various wares that I’ll be pulling from over the coming months.

I thought we’d get warmed up with one of the more vintage, easier-to-guess items from the collection, shown above, and then move to some more challenging items over the coming months!

Winner, Name that Ware December 2020

January 31st, 2021

The Ware for December 2020 was an Intellivision game console by Mattel. It used the CP1610 CPU, whose architecture was based on the PDP-11, and it had a whole kilobyte of RAM! Congrats to Chris on nailing it rather quickly; e-mail me to claim your prize!

Name that Ware, December 2020

December 31st, 2020

The Ware for December 2020 is shown below.

This one should be much easier to guess than last month; click for a larger image that has more context. This was one of my first attempts at repairing a thing; it obviously didn’t end well, as my solder-fu was clearly not up to snuff some 30 years ago.

This is the last ware for 2020! I really had to dig through the archives for the last couple of wares. With travel restrictions still in place, I haven’t gone further than a 5km radius now in 9 months — probably a lifetime record for me. I might have a few more interesting pieces of gear from around the home I could share, but especially these days, I welcome guest entries!